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Alaska's Inside Passage and Glaciers

Alaska's Inside Passage and Glaciers

At a glance

Duration: 8 Days/7 Nights

Coverage: Vancouver, BC, Canada to Seward/Anchorage, Alaska'

From: $4,200

Season: June - August

Activities: Wildlife viewing, Cultural tours

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Silversea's Alaska cruises are simply phenomenal. These are journeys of breathtaking encounters with the natural world - after all, Alaska's great spectacles need little introduction.

Silversea's luxury cruise ships to Alaska provide a feast for the senses, both onboard and off-shore. A glacier calving with the roar of a thousand canons. A personal butler. Diamond-blue icebergs floating on a glassy bay. Superb service on board a intimate ship. A humpback breaching in a spectacular display ... Silversea's Alaskan cruise offer “open jaw” itineraries, allowing you to spend more time in each port. Or explore a more remote, untouched Alaska on an expedition that takes you further inside the Inside Passage. Renew your spirit in the timeless sensations of nature in Silversea’s Alaskan cruises. You will not be disappointed.

Whether you choose to marvel at the horizons topped by the snowy heights from your raft on the Chilkat River or to hold your breath at the stupendous beauty of the Hubbard Glacier, the frozen landscape will overwhelm and astonish as you cruise through the gulf of Alaska. This is a journey of breathtaking encounters with the natural world.

Enjoy watching pods of Humpback Whales feeding on Herring and strolling along the beach for a salmon barbeque, this is a voyage to delight both the eyes and tastebuds. Savour the Russian influenced town of Sitka before cruising the Hubbard Glacier and finally disembarking in beautiful Seward, home of Alaska’s oldest community.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Embark in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is a delicious juxtaposition of urban sophistication and on-your-doorstep wilderness adventure. The mountains and seascape make the city an outdoor playground for hiking, skiing, kayaking, cycling, and sailing—and so much more—while the cuisine and arts scenes are equally diverse, reflecting the makeup of Vancouver's ethnic (predominantly Asian) mosaic. Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the world's most livable cities, and it's easy for visitors to see why. It's beautiful, it's outdoorsy, and there's a laidback West Coast vibe.

Day 2 - Cruise the Inside Passage

If it is drama that you are after, then you certainly need look no further that the dramatic beauty of the Inside Passage. With isolated communities nestling in shoreside villages, mountains rising from the tidal waters, seals basking on ice floes and massive glaciers calving with a thunderous snap in the distance, this stretch of water is quite unique. Named after early explorers who were looking for the Northwest Passage (found much further north), cruising the Inside Passage has become a must for any sailing aficionado.

Day 3 - Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan is famous for its colorful totem poles, rainy skies, steep–as–San Francisco streets, and lush island setting. Some 13,500 people call the town home, and, in the summer, cruise ships crowd the shoreline, floatplanes depart noisily for Misty Fiords National Monument, and salmon-laden commercial fishing boats motor through Tongass Narrows. In the last decade Ketchikan's rowdy, blue-collar heritage of logging and fishing has been softened by the loss of many timber-industry jobs and the dramatic rise of cruise-ship tourism.

Day 4 - Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska's capital and third-largest city, is on the North American mainland but can't be reached by road. The city owes its origins to two colorful sourdoughs (Alaskan pioneers)—Joe Juneau and Richard Harris—and to a Tlingit chief named Kowee, who led the two men to rich reserves of gold at Snow Slide Gulch, the drainage of Gold Creek around which the town was eventually built. That was in 1880, and shortly thereafter a modest stampede resulted in the formation of a mining camp, which quickly grew to become the Alaska district government capital in 1906.

Day 5 - Skagway, Alaska

Located at the northern terminus of the Inside Passage, Skagway is a one-hour ferry ride from Haines. By road, however, the distance is 359 miles, as you have to take the Haines Highway up to Haines Junction, Yukon, then take the Alaska Highway 100 miles south to Whitehorse, and then drive a final 100 miles south on the Klondike Highway to Skagway. North-country folk call this sightseeing route the Golden Horseshoe or Golden Circle tour, because it passes a lot of gold-rush country in addition to spectacular lake, forest, and mountain scenery.

Day 6 - Sitka, Alaska

It's hard not to like Sitka, with its eclectic blend of Alaska Native, Russian, and American history and its dramatic and beautiful open-ocean setting. This is one of the best Inside Passage towns to explore on foot, with such sights as St. Michael's Cathedral, Sheldon Jackson Museum, Castle Hill, Sitka National Historical Park, and the Alaska Raptor Center topping the town's must-see list.

Day 7 - Cruising Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier, off the coast of Yakutat, Alaska, is the largest glacier in North America, with a calving front that is more than six miles wide. One of the main sources for Hubbard Glacier originates 76 mi inland. It has been a very active glacier, experiencing two major surges in the past 30 years. This glacier was named after Gardiner Greene Hubbard, a U.S. lawyer, financier, and philanthropist. He was the first president of the National Geographic Society.

Day 8 - Disembark Seward (Anchorage), Alaska

It is hard to believe that a place as beautiful as Seward exists. Surrounded on all sides by Kenai Fjords National Park, Chugach National Forest, and Resurrection Bay, Seward offers all the quaint realities of a small railroad town with the bonus of jaw-dropping scenery. This little town of about 2,750 citizens was founded in 1903, when survey crews arrived at the ice-free port and began planning a railroad to the Interior. Since its inception, Seward has relied heavily on tourism and commercial fishing.

Alaska Inside Passage Itinerary Map

Dates & Rates

Dates Direction Vista Suite Panorama Suite Classic Veranda Suite Superior Veranda Suite Deluxe Veranda Suite Silver Suite Royal Suite Grand Suite Owner's Suite
Jun 27, 2019 Vancouver to Seward Waitlist Waitlist Waitlist $7,200 $7,380 $11,520 Waitlist Waitlist Waitlist
Jul 4, 2019 Seward to Vancouver $5,400 $5,850 $6,570 $6,930 $7,290 $11,250 Waitlist Waitlist Waitlist
Jul 18, 2019 Seward to Vancouver $5,130 Waitlist $6,030 $6,570 $6,840 $10,440 $12,960 Waitlist Waitlist
Jul 25, 2019 Vancouver to Seward Waitlist Waitlist $6,390 $6,750 $7,110 $11,070 $18,630 $14,940 Waitlist
Aug 1, 2019 Seward to Vancouver $4,500 $4,950 $5,490 $5,760 $6,120 $9,450 Waitlist $12,870 Waitlist
Aug 8, 2019 Vancouver to Seward $4,770 $5,130 $5,670 $6,030 $6,390 $9,900 Waitlist Waitlist Waitlist
Aug 15, 2019 Seward to Vancouver $4,500 $4,950 $5,490 $5,760 $6,120 $9,450 Waitlist $17,190 $18,450
Aug 22, 2019 Vancouver to Seward Waitlist $4,950 $5,490 $5,760 $6,120 $9,450 $11,790 Waitlist $14,850
Aug 29, 2019 Seward to Vancouver Waitlist $5,130 $5,670 $6,030 $6,390 $9,090 $11,250 $12,420 $14,220
Sep 5, 2019 Vancouver to Seward $5,490 Waitlist $6,570 $6,930 $7,200 $11,160 Waitlist $15,210 $17,550
May 28, 2020 Vancouver to Seward Waitlist $4,680 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $7,830 $9,270 $10,170 $11,610
Jun 4, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,590 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $5,490 $8,280 $13,230 $14,130 $15,390
Jun 11, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,590 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $5,490 $8,280 $13,230 $14,130 $15,390
Jun 18, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,590 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $5,490 $8,280 $13,230 $14,130 $15,390
Jun 25, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,590 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $5,490 $8,280 $13,230 $14,130 $15,390
Jul 2, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Jul 9, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Jul 16, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Jul 23, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Jul 30, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Aug 6, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Aug 13, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Aug 20, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,860 $5,130 $5,310 $5,580 $5,850 $8,820 $14,130 $15,120 $16,380
Aug 27, 2020 Seward to Vancouver $4,590 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $5,490 $8,280 $13,230 $14,130 $15,390
Sep 3, 2020 Vancouver to Seward $4,410 $4,680 $4,860 $5,040 $5,220 $7,830 $12,510 $13,410 $14,580

Note: on southbound voyages, Skagway and Cruising Tracy Arm are reversed.
Port charges and Handling Fees of $184 per person are in addition to the cruise fares and are not subject to savings program. All prices are in US Dollars, Cruise-Only per person based on double occupancy.


Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow

The Silver Shadow maintains Silversea's award winning, all-suite luxury and trademark intimate ambience. Silver Shadow guests enjoy fully refreshed onboard decor as they cruise to the extraordinary coast off Alaska.

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