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Grand New England

Grand New England

At a glance

Duration: 11 Days, 10 Nights

Coverage: Providence, RI to Portland, ME

From: $5,360

Season: July - September

Activities: History, Scenery

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American Cruise Lines

Discover the majestic seafaring heritage of coastal towns and quaint island villages on the 10-night Grand New England Odyssey. Your elegant small ship will dock in the heart of each historic harbor, amidst working boats and luxurious private yachts. Steps away, you’ll find whaling and maritime museums, scenic bluffs and beaches, cobblestone streets and unique shops.

By meticulously selecting the most captivating ports of call from southern New England to Maine, we offer you this epic cruise, one that invites you to discover America’s birthplace and savor the local cuisine, from the succulent lobsters of the Penobscot Bay and a warm slice of fresh blueberry pie, to the best chowders of Nantucket.

Your one-way journey begins either in Providence, Rhode Island or Bangor, Maine. Conveniently arranged transportation is available to return you to your embarkation point. During your cruise, harbor hop along the historic coastline to such legendary destinations as Bar Harbor, Martha’s Vineyard, Rockland, Nantucket and Camden, to name a few. You’ll linger in these summer paradises, with plenty of opportunity to explore on your own or participate in shore excursions led by guides whose expertise is informed by generations of native lore and a passion for the past. As you cruise through the Cape Cod Canal and sail around the islets that skirt the coast of Maine, you’ll want to keep a lookout for the whales, seals and puffins that frequent New England’s northern waters.

From beautifully preserved historic districts to the enticing delights of small shops and farm markets, to the breathtaking natural splendor of national parks, your cruise will leave you with enduring, resonant recollections of this wonderful corner of America.

It was wonderful. We got to know most everyone on the ship. It was much more personal then the big ships.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Providence, RI

The state capitol of Rhode Island is known as the “Renaissance City”, with a host of attractions for visitors to enjoy including acclaimed theaters, fine arts and Philharmonic performances. Over three centuries of fascinating history are preserved and celebrated in Providence from Benefit Street’s “Mile of History” to immaculate examples of Colonial, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian architecture. There are plenty of historic landmarks to discover, such as the Rhode Island State House, the John Brown House and the Meeting House of the First Baptist Church in America, or explore this glorious New England harbor at your leisure.

Day 2 - Nantucket Island, MA

Be transported back to the 18th century as you step off your ship onto the timeworn cobblestone streets of Nantucket. Discover how this delightful island evolved from a small farming community to be the center of the American whaling industry to a popular resort community. Although just a short cruise from the mainland, Nantucket is a world unto itself, with towering church steeples and old-world architecture. Take a tour that offers glimpses of the island's historical landmarks, modern art galleries and its famous whaling museum. Or stroll down streets lined with charming shops, ice cream parlors, and rose-covered cottages, before watching the sunset from Nantucket's pristine beaches.

Day 3 - Martha’s Vineyard, MA

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Martha's Vineyard was a hub for whaling fleets and merchant ships, with exotic cargo from far corners of the world arriving on her shores. Today the island is one of the most popular vacation spots in New England, comprised of six distinct towns, including Chillmark and Vineyard Haven. The most genteel town on the island is historic Edgartown, all prim and proper with its freshly painted, white clapboard colonial homes and manicured gardens. Oak Bluffs offers visitors an array of wooden gingerbread cottages and inviting shops and eateries in which to browse. Martha's Vineyard is also home to the picturesque Gay Head Cliffs, renowned for the multicolored earth that was once the main source of paint for the island's houses.

Day 4 - Gloucester, MA

Known as America's oldest seaport, explorers and fishermen alike have been visiting Gloucester since 1606. Located on Cape Ann, this beautiful landscape has been attrating sailors for centuries because of its safe harbors, but Cape Ann has attracted great American painters as well: Fitz Hugh Lane, Winslow Homer, Milton Avery, John Sloan and many others.

Day 5 - Bath, ME

Beautiful Downtown Bath has a unique mix of services, shops, and restaurants, who all cater to locals and visitors alike. Come take a walk down Front and Centre Streets, through the 19th century brick buildings and narrow streets, and feel the a comfortable pace and friendly pedestrian atmosphere. Rest in the lovely Library and Waterfront Parks or walk the city streets to admire the City’s tree-lined avenues, graced by both humble and grand examples of classic American architecture.

Day 6 - Boothbay Harbor, ME

This lovely, historic town is lined with shops and boutiques, and picture perfect harbors dotted with lobster boats, pleasure craft, and windjammers. Boothbay is the largest boating harbor north of Boston and is also known as the "Boating Capital of New England."

Day 7 - Castine, ME

Discover this charming Maine town, the oldest in New England, for its scenic beauty and host of historic attractions, including stunning examples of nineteenth-century architecture.

Day 8 - Belfast, ME

The 1800's were a time of great prosperity in Belfast with shipbuilders and merchants building beautiful Greek Revival mansions and adorning them with treasures carried home from the China Trade. Spend the day exploring historic Belfast with some of the best examples of nineteenth-century architecture in Maine. Shore excursions offer glimpses of stunning military architecture and master granite craftsmanship in Fort Knox State Park, and seafaring legacies at Penobscot Marine Museum.

Day 9 - Camden, ME

Full of classic schooners, this charming village is considered the "tall ship capital of Maine," and is admired for scenic beauty and a host of historic and cultural attractions. Enjoy the warm summer sunshine and refreshing sea breezes as you relax on a park bench and watch beautiful ships sail into the harbor, or browse the shops and interesting galleries. Bring your camera to capture sweeping ocean vistas, placid coastlines and panoramic views of Camden, Penobscot Bay and surrounding islands from atop Mount Battie.

Day 10 - Rockland, ME

Before arriving in Rockland, you'll have the pleasure of experiencing Maine's most beautiful cruising areas. Your ship will pass through the gorgeous 6-mile passage lined with beautiful evergreens known as Merchants Row. On to Eggemoggin Reach, view majestic stone cliffs lining the shore with playful wildlife frolicking about. In Rockland, passengers can follow the Rockland Harbor Walk, visit the Shore Village Museum or take an interesting narrated tour of the area. The town's Maine Street Historic District is especially fascinating and has been recorded in the National Register of Historic Places for its many fine examples of Italianate, Mansard, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival architecture.

Day 11 - Portland, ME

Maine's most historic seaport overlooks beautiful Casco Bay. Spend your visit exploring its gallant 360-year history or check out its amazing cultural scene. Big-city excitement blend delightfully with small-town charm here, as fishing vessels and island ferries bustle in the harbor and Victorian era buildings still line cobblestone streets.

Dates & Rates

Date Departure Location Ship A AA AAL (Private Balcony) AAC (Private Balcony) AAM (Private Balcony) Veranda Suite (Private Balcony) Owner's Suite (Private Balcony) Single Single (Private Balcony)
May 21, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
May 31, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jun 10, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jun 20, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jul 14, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jul 24, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Aug 3, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Aug 13, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Aug 23, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Sep 2, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Sep 12, 2017 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
May 20, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
May 30, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jun 9, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jun 19, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jul 13, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Jul 23, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Aug 2, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Aug 12, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Aug 22, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Sep 1, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815
Sep 11, 2018 Boston, MA American Constellation $5,690 $6,450 $6,960 $7,705 $8,520 $9,260 $10,105 $7,175 $7,815

*Private Balcony
¹6 Nights
All rates are shown in US dollars, per person, double occupancy. Itineraries, rates, and ships are subject to change without notice. A deposit of $500.00 per person is required to confirm any reservation on trips of 9 nights or less, and $900.00 per person on trips of 10 nights or more.
Single Occupancy: One person occupying a double stateroom will be charged 150% or 175% of the double occupancy depending on the type of stateroom occupied.

Included in Cruise Fare

  • Cruise and accommodations aboard ship.
  • Meals and snacks onboard ship
  • Complimentary cocktail parties
  • All entertainment.

Not Included in Cruise Fare

  • Airfare to and from your home city
  • Shore tours.
  • Port charges and/or fees
  • Gratituities
  • Fuel charges (if applied to future cruises)


Grand New England


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American GloryThe America Glory offers discerning travelers the most unique and modern style of small ship cruising. Each unique and off-the-beaten path port visited gives guests a glimpse into the cultural heritage that is the fabric of our great nation. The country-club atmosphere onboard allows guests to relax, and enjoy the company of fellow travelers who share their interests in American history and culture. The spacious public lounges and observation decks are frequented by guests who wish to mingle with friends new and old. View ship details...


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