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National Geographic Sea Lion Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - July 2015

National Geographic Sea Lion

Linda, your were correct...exceeded our expectations.

Honestly we spoke to you a number of times and your excitement and enthusiasm for Lindblad Alaska set the bar really high. Margie and I commented a number of times "she better be right" in the months leading up to our cruise. When on the ship, your name was mentioned many times. "Yup Linda was right". Became our inside joke. And for that we sincerely thank you.

We had a Category three cabin. The largest on the ship, but still small. Comfortable and attractively furnish. You were right on that point also...spend little time in your cabin to sleep and change clothes.

We sailed Juneau to Sitka. First night in the Westmark Baranoff, a centrally located convenient stopover. They should pick up at the airport, but they don't.

Everything exceeded our expectations. The food, excellent, except for one fish dish that had very odd herbs that we didn't care for (others at our table enjoyed it). We did comment, and the server suggested an alternative dish but we opted to pass. Staff informative, polite, enthusiastic, if possible, they will do it for you. I had some back issues and kind of hung behind at times, always a staff member there to make me feel part of the group.

Highlight was Frederick Sound. We were sailing around and all of a sudden a few whales and a few more whales and then the next two hours my Alaska bucket list was complete. The captain hung for two hours as were surrounded by maybe 100-200 whales. They put on a show for us, it went on and on. On our time in Glacier Bay which was exquisite with glaciers calving a few times. We saw 4 or 5 Orka whales right up close to the ship. Just moving right along with us for a short time. Living in Arizona, on a boat surrounded by whales is an out of body experience.

Linda, I hope your future clients can read through my lines and understand what an outstanding job this cruise line and staff did for our one week trip. The only negative is it was only is one week. Linda thank you for all your help. We wish you were on the ship with us. So, you did such a good job, what is your suggestion of the next Lindblad cruise for us? That is after our AMAWaterways cruise that we had already booked with you.

— Richard and Margie, Phoenix, Arizona